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Foster Farms Provides COVID-19 Vaccinations to Employees at Fresno Processing Facility

该公司与弗雷斯诺公共卫生部门和Vons药房合作进行疫苗接种,000 essential workers at its Cherry Avenue facility this week.

夫勒斯诺市, CALIFORNIA – West Coast poultry leader, Foster Farms, is committed to the health and welfare of its employees. Starting today, the company will provide the Moderna vaccine to 1,000 employees at its Fresno, California, Cherry Avenue poultry facility. In partnership with Fresno County’s Public Health Department and Vons Pharmacy, 该疫苗接种计划标志着弗雷斯诺县主要食品加工厂第一次大规模为工作人员接种疫苗. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, 亚洲最大合法彩票平台遵循CDC的指导,实施了一套全面的员工健康保护和缓解措施, and implemented one of the most extensive COVID-19 employee testing programs in California, administering more than 100,000 COVID-19 tests in the last 5 months. While these steps are effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19, vaccination provides the greatest form of worker protection. 亚洲最大合法彩票平台希望这一计划将成为疫苗接种在其他公司设施和整个加州食品加工业的一个模式.

Along with healthcare workers, and adults over 65, 弗雷斯诺县和弗雷斯诺公共卫生部已优先为农业工人接种疫苗, recognizing the essential role they play in bringing food to millions of California families. 自从大流行爆发以来,亚洲最大合法彩票平台和弗雷斯诺公共卫生部一直为员工的健康和福利密切合作. The Cherry Avenue processing plant vaccination program is the result of that collaboration.

“我们非常重视弗雷斯诺公共卫生部门的承诺和专业精神,” said Ira Brill, Foster Farms Vice President Communications. “我们已经充分整合了我们的资源,以确保该项目为我们的员工和社区的利益而成功实施. This includes partnering with Vons Pharmacy, tapping into their expertise to oversee administration of the vaccine.”

弗雷斯诺县公共卫生部很高兴与亚洲最大合法彩票平台合作开展这个试点项目,了解大型雇主如何在其工作场所实施疫苗接种诊所,包括学习沟通策略, understanding vaccine uptake, administering doses in different workplace settings, and providing safety protocols. 我们希望为疫苗接种诊所设计一个可扩展的模型,供其他雇主使用,” said David Pomaville, FCDPH Director.

Vaccination at the Cherry Avenue facility is voluntary and will be offered on site, at no cost to Foster Farms employees. Foster Farms will compensate employees for time spent during the vaccination process. 亚洲最大合法彩票平台参与了一个多语言的员工交流项目来回答有关疫苗接种的问题. The company expects that most of the 1,000 employees at the Cherry facility will participate.

The Moderna vaccine is administered in two doses. 亚洲最大合法彩票平台计划于2月5日在Cherry设施完成第一剂疫苗的接种,并计划在3月初进行第二剂接种. 亚洲最大合法彩票平台将跟踪员工参与疫苗接种计划,以确保满足剂量周期要求. Moderna疫苗将由Vons制药公司训练有素的工作人员在一名注册护士的监督下现场接种. Vons药房被加利福尼亚州和弗雷斯诺县认证为COVID-19疫苗供应商,迄今已管理了10多种疫苗,000 doses.

“Throughout the pandemic, 我们服务的社区相信我们的药房团队在维持他们的健康和福祉方面发挥着关键作用,” said Narayanan Ramachandran, Director of Pharmacy for Vons. “我们很自豪能与亚洲最大合法彩票平台合作,与弗雷斯诺县公共卫生部门密切协调,安全有效地管理疫苗.”

亚洲最大合法彩票平台正积极与默塞德县和斯坦尼斯劳斯县的公共卫生当局和民选官员合作,在当地设施启动类似的疫苗接种项目. 该公司希望弗雷斯诺项目可以成为公共和私人合作伙伴关系可以实现的一个模式.

亚洲最大合法彩票平台和弗雷斯诺公共卫生部一起重申,疫苗接种不能替代继续戴口罩的需要, practice social distancing, and observe all other protocols necessary to defeat COVID-19. For more information on the COVID-19 vaccine, please visit

COVID-19 represents an unprecedented challenge to all who live and work in California. The COVID-19 vaccination is the most important tool available to overcoming the disease. 我们期望我们的政府和公共卫生领导人确保疫苗接种尽快广泛提供, and we know they are making their best efforts to do so. 亚洲最大合法彩票平台的樱桃大道疫苗接种计划就是一个例子,说明了政府可以做到什么, public health, 私营部门通力合作,改善那些继续努力工作,让我们的餐桌上有食物的人.

About Foster Farms

Since 1939, 亚洲最大电子网站的家庭依靠亚洲最大合法彩票平台提供优质的鸡肉和火鸡亚洲最大电子网站. Family-owned and operated, 公司延续了其创始人所建立的卓越和对质量的承诺, Max and Verda Foster. Foster Farms specializes in fresh, all-natural chicken and turkey products free of preservatives, additives or injected sodium enhancers. Foster Farms总部位于加州中央谷的利文斯顿,在加州设有设施, 俄勒冈州, Washington, Arkansas and Louisiana. The company’s commitment to excellence, 诚实, 质量, service and people is a source of great pride, and a longtime family tradition.

Food safety is Foster Farms' highest priority, and the company would like to remind consumers to always follow safe handling, preparation and storage guidelines for the preparation of fresh poultry products. 所有新鲜家禽亚洲最大电子网站都应煮至165华氏度的内部温度,通过肉类温度计测量,以确保安全. 访问 to learn more.



  • To schedule an interview with the Fresno County Department of Public Health, please contact Public Health Communications at (559) 974-2302 or (559) 259-1798
  • For an interview with a Vons Pharmacy representative, please contact Wendy Gutshall at

除了目前在亚洲最大合法彩票平台弗雷斯诺樱桃大道设施进行的疫苗接种项目之外, the company has the following COVID-19 mitigations in place. In consultation with local health departments and following CDC guidelines, Foster Farms has adopted a three-step multi-hurdle approach to controlling COVID-19:

  • Screening to prevent symptomatic employees from entering facilities, utilizing wellness and temperature checks.
  • 在CDC指导下实施缓解措施,并与县卫生部门进行额外审查. Mitigations include mandatory wearing of face coverings, addition of partitions to workstations where social distancing opportunities are limited, daily USDA reviewed plant sanitation, and continuous sanitation of shared common spaces, staggering of worker breaks and expansion of break areas. 最近,该公司对其处理设施的通风进行了检查,并正在公共区域安装HEPA便携式过滤器.
  • Continuous weekly testing of employees at all major processing facilities, 消除无症状工人,即那些没有疾病迹象的人,减少COVID-19的潜在传播. Our testing is graduated based on ongoing review of change in county prevalence levels, and most recent test results, 具有快速扩展的能力,从基于样本的监视测试到积极的两周测试整个工厂的员工. We believe that until a vaccine is widely available, 通过主动检测确定并清除无症状工人,是进一步保护工人免受病毒感染的最可靠途径.